Brighton Outreach Ministries
"An Outreach-Based Ministry
Located In Brighton, Colorado."
Pastors:  Tyler and Laura Clark
Associates: Rick and Debbie Arrick
Some Friendly Faces of Brighton Outreach Ministries-
From Services, Events and Outreaches
Welcome to Brighton Outreach Ministries web page.  We began this ministry in October, 2009 as a cell
group a
nd have since expanded to Sunday morning worship at the 7th Day Adventist Church on 5th and
Bromley La
ne in Brighton, Colorado.  We invite you to come worship with us in a relaxed and safe
environment every Sunday at 10:45AM.   Then on Tuesday come learn about God's plan for your life as
we participate in an interactive bible study and eat together at v
arious locations, please email us at

Our mission is to share the love and hope of Christ with our community.  We care for our community
and we want to see our neighbors cared for.

Our mission as a church is to challenge each of us to be more involved in our neighbors lives with
discipleship (one on one ministry),  mentoring and personal relationship building.  We really want people
to know that a commitment to Christ means a commitment to a changed heart.  Romans 8:1 tells us
that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.   Won't you commit your ways to the
Lord today, leave the past in the past and start life new today free from the chains of condemnation!

We invite you to join with us in helping make a difference in our community by bringing the hope of
Christ.  Remember that God has a wonderful plan for your life and he loves you.  We hope to see you
Contact us for more info:

Youth, Children's, Men's,
Women's, Benevolence,
Missions, Intercessory,
Evangelism, and Worship.  
We would love to see
many more ministries
birthed at B.O.M.
Church Time
Pastor Tyler and Laura Clark
Childrens church
Here's a pickle inviting
people to our pickle party
Associate Pastor Rick Arrick
Baby Dedications
Children's Presentation
Special Speaker Jon Burgess-  
Talking about the value of life in the
womb and out.
Youth Bowling Night !!!!!
Amazing Race Brighton -  B.O.M. Outreach
aimed at promoting family time.
Pickle Party Community Outreach Fair
Brighton Parade of Lights- Our
winning entry along with our partner
firstart preschool
Our IPHC missionaries we support monthly-
Dr. Vijay and Aparanjani Balla-  Amazing
Easter Egg Hunt